Timm McShane is the Director of Software Development and IT (SWIT) at SparkFun Electronics. On top of helping guide SparkFun’s open source software systems, including a home grown ERP system, Sparkle, and an IoT data logging database, phant; Timm helps lead SparkFun’s IoT working group to identify the future of the IoT space and work to help making open source hardware and software part of the solution. Timm co-chaired the first IoT Security Micro Summit with the Department of Homeland Security as part of the 2016 Public-Private Analytic Exchange Program.

Timm has a long history of supporting and implementing emerging technology in enterprise spaces. He started his career with AT&T as a network security researcher and systems architect. He went on to implement DevOps best practices supporting Cyber Command and helped implement Cloud Technologies within the Department of Defense.

Timm is currently on the board of advisors for CU Boulder’s Integrated Telephony Program (ITP) and is a Mentor for the Catalyze CU, an accelerator program for Students and faculty at CU Boulder.