The Case for Open Source IoT

For the Internet of Things (IoT) to be as successful as many want it to be, it will have to be open source. With IoT is growing up fast, and the Open Source Community needs to move even faster.

A lot of companies claim to have figured out IoT leveraging a closed, proprietary model centered around collecting all of the end users data. Other companies that have release good products but have now failed and gone out of business, closing their doors or shelving projects, leaving consumers out in the cold. The potential for end users to abandon IoT has never been higher. To prevent this from happening, IoT needs to become fully open source.

Successful IoT solutions will be perfect blends of Hardware & Software. Open Source IoT is the belief that a hybrid approach, one combining Open Source Hardware and Open Source Software can together create a great IoT ecosystem the community can adopt.

Timm McShane is the director of Software Development and IT at SparkFun Electronics, one of the biggest names in open source hardware. Timm will talk the pros & cons of both open source software and hardware and then lay out why the only successful solution for IoT moving forward has to be one that is fully open, on both the hardware and software sides.