Algorithmic IT Operations – The Machines Are Coming

Today’s IT teams are living with growing uncertainty. The pressure is on them to leverage the best technologies to meet their business objectives while minimizing added complexity and disruption. New paradigm-changing technologies are being introduced at an accelerated pace and in a variety of IT areas – cloud, containers, microservices, serverless data centers to name a few. As a result, IT lives with the growing fear of missing a crucial new technology or being replaced by some super intelligence that is lingering in the cloud.

Is there a way for IT and algorithm IT operations (AIOPs) technologies to work together in a way that benefits both the people and the company? This session will discuss the emerging trend of AIOps — its benefits and its data and algorithmic limitations. It will explore the ways advanced semi-supervised and reinforcement learning can be used to help IT humans to systemize their analytics and gain better control of their IT environments. It will look at the ways IT can use these technologies to see across the traditional narrow IT ”siloes” and get their first holistic, accurate understanding of their entire infrastructure. This AIOPs approach integrates and data from a wide range of monitoring, infrastructure, and analytics sources and transform it into useful information