Avoiding the DevOps Pit of Misery: Tips from the trenches

Whether you’re just beginning your DevOps journey, on your path to one-button continuous delivery, or well into your digital transformation, there’s a network of experts to support you. In August of 2017, Chris Short and Jason Hibbets began building the Opensource.com DevOps Team to start capturing the best practices, techniques, tactics, and hacks from DevOps practitioners.

This session will highlight the top lessons we’ve learned from the DevOps community, describe our progress of building a community of DevOps practitioners, and explain how you can get involved. But the advice we’ve gathered and shared so far is just the beginning. We want to learn what challenges you face in your DevOps efforts, help you make the right connections, and assist you in overcoming the roadblocks that keep you from advancing your team and your organization.