How Build Your Small Business with Big Talent Using Open Source

In early to mid 1900s it was hard to start a business. Many businesses were build and mortar and there was a heavy focus on the industrial products. There were huge start up costs to starting a business and building it into something. And the cost of failure what even higher when discouraged many would be business owners and innovation.

However, in today’s climate of Youtuber’s and Shark Tank participates both earning millions of dollars, entrepreneurship has never been a hotter topic. The cost of entry and failure are relatively low. And more importantly the ability of small businesses to compete with the Titans of Industry has never been easier. Technology is the great equalizer and innovation is the great differentiater of business.

Open source softwares are the tools used grow solo-preneurships to start-ups and start-ups to profitability businesses.

In this talk we will learn about some of the most widely used Open Source Softwares used by start-ups and small businesses to grow and scale the business. And how companies can use open source software to quickly solve complex problems, cheaply. And how to recruit top talent with out the expense of using staffing agencies or job boards.