Find and Choose an Open Source Project

The explosion of free and open source projects and popularity also brings with it a flood of people interested in contributing. What experienced contributors forget is just how hard it can be for someone to find a project to contribute to. What’s easy and obvious to us is very much the opposite for those who haven’t done it before.

“How do I find a project?” is the most common question I hear from those new to free and open source software. These people are excited about contributing and becoming a part of a community but are completely overwhelmed and mystified by the options available to them, if they’re even aware of the options at all.

This talk will dispel the clouds around this important and, frankly, very personal question. Each person must choose a first project which is best for **them** and will therefore give them the best chance for success as they start down the path of a life of free and open source contributions.

In this talk I will cover:

  • Gathering your personal requirements and criteria for a first project
  • Where to look for candidate projects
  • How to apply your criteria and select a project which is a good fit for you