Jack of Trades, Development with Vue

Vue.js is a progressive front-end framework its considered component driven, extensible, approachable, and performant. Whether you’re a traditional web dev without the frameworks or have been deep in development with Angular or React, Vue has a something for you its simplicity is beautiful, its API minimal. Vue is built in the open and has a great community behind it. If your thinking about migrating a code base or building a complex app from scratch Vue is ready and most definitely capable.

In this talk we will go over the Vue fundamentals, dive into state management, data fetching with Vue, and then wrap with building your application for production. We will have a mix of defining what Vue is as well as an actual application demonstrating how the different pieces fit together in the real world. The choices we have available to build user interfaces today are vast, exploration is time consuming, but I believe it’s worth the effort to get started building and delivering products.

Development with a Vue its html, js, css the things you know best! Jack of all trades with a traditional feel.