Mind Blowing Internet of Things (IoT) Projects with Azure Services

We live in an exciting time where more and more everyday items “things” are becoming smart!

See Dan’s latest IoT projects leveraging Azure IoT Hub and other Azure services. Dan and his team at Logical Advantage built a project for a manufacturing customer who wants to know the utilization of the equipment in the enterprise. We are rolling it out to track the utilization of around 3000 devices in an industrial factory environment. We will discuss how we overcame the interoperability challenges of having 24 different machine types and the security issues around this and other IoT projects. Dan is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional MVP for his engagement in the community around IoT +.net and Microsoft Channel 9 has featured Dan’s IoT projects 8 times!

Dan will also demonstrate how he developed his very own IoT, home automation system that is controlling around 40 different things with 5 different types of microcontrollers. One of Dan’s talks lead to a civic hacking events where the Charlotte IoT group built devices and cloud services to help enable Nick and other quadriplegic friends of the group, to be more self-sufficient. Nick can now use speech commands to do things like heat and cool his blanket.

Dan published the code for many of his projects to be open source and his articles and videos have over a million views.