Swift, for Objective-C OG’s

At just three years old, Swift is quickly becoming even more popular than it’s thirty-three year old predecessor, Objective-C. Experience in Swift is becoming more desirable and in demand in the iOS force as companies both old and new transition and migrate their code for the new Swift takeover. In this hands-on workshop, I’ll be giving an “Objective-C OG” style intro to the Swift language (for those who have experience in the Obj-C language).

Some of the things we’ll be covering in the workshop will include:

  • Swift vs. Objective-C syntax comparison
  • A comparison demo project
  • The evolution of Swift
  • The future of Swift
  • The future of Objective-C

By the end of this workshop, attendees will have gotten their hands dirty in the Swift language, gained a basic understanding of the concept of the Swift language in comparison to Objective-C, as well as the knowledge and resources to continue exploring and building their skills in Swift.