Open Source 101

Is a one-day conference taking place at the McKimmon Center at N.C. State University. Open Source 101 is for existing technology professionals and students designed to provide open source education and instruction.

The goal is two-fold:

1. To provide the basic information necessary to enable open source participation and contribution

2. To prepare attendees for the modern and future professional technology environment, in which open source will play a central role.


Corporate open source usage and participation rates are at all time highs and are increasing daily. In addition, the demand for open source skills has never been higher and will only increase. For professionals and students to be as productive and marketable as possible they MUST understand the basics and participate/contribute.


The one-day event is divided into morning single-presentation sessions addressing major topics at a high level. Presentations will be delivered by some of the most well known technologists in the open source space from leading organizations. These topics include but are not limited to:

1. What is Open Source?
2. Why Open Source? Why should I participate?
3. The business case for Open Source? How and why do businesses use OS?
4. How do I join or start a project?
5. Licensing
6. Community

The afternoon is comprised of extended sessions on multiple topics designed to provide attendees an opportunity for a deeper dive and hands-on opportunities to do things themselves.

Taken together the morning and afternoon sessions will provide traditional classroom style instruction as well as a hands-on learning opportunity. The end result should be a much better understanding of Open Source and how to contribute.

What you get by attending:

Attendees will not only gain a much better understanding of open source, which results in more marketability and better ability to participate/contribute, but the event serves as a tremendous networking opportunity. Major companies in the technology/open source space will be represented.

Who can attend?

Any technology professional and/or university/college technology student in the Research Triangle area. Anyone outside these parameters interested in attending can contact us at

*Registration is LIMITED:

Due to space restrictions we must limit attendance to 500, so registration will be handled on a first-come first-served basis.

How we handle registration:

Registration officially opens on Tuesday, January 3. We will make an email announcement and will include a registration code everyone must use to register. Registrations will be accepted until the cap of 300 is reached.

For students, we will issue a registration code to each participating school. Students should use the code to register beginning January 3. Registrations will be accepted until the cap for each school is reached.


The investment required is only $10 USD, which will help cover the cost of lunch. The content and education provided is basically free thanks to All Things Open and the support of our participating companies.

What to bring:

Bring only yourself, a laptop, and a desire to learn. And maybe some spare change for a drink or two. We will provide lunch (includes a drink), free WiFi, and world-class education and networking opportunities.

How to register:

All attendees must register on the Open Source 101 website. A confirmation will be emailed upon successful registration. Confirmations (printed or digital) must be shown at check-in on February 4.

Confirmations and college IDs must be presented:

Email confirmations (printed or digital) must be shown at check-in on February 4. In addition, a student ID will be required for student attendees.