Learn the “What” and “How” via Real-World Examples at Open Source 101

We’ve hosted open source events for more than a decade now and one thing is for certain – attendees love learning from real-life case studies.

While stand-alone sessions are great for highlighting particular technologies and platforms, case-study talks demonstrate how these are actually applied in a real-world setting. And that’s what people are really after at the end of the day. There is value in the application.

The Case Study track at Open Source 101 is tremendous and will feature not only world-class experts, but sessions designed to demonstrate how they’ve applied many of the technologies you use on a consistent basis.

The Case Study track at Open Source 101 will include the following sessions:

Registration is just $29 for non-students and $10 for students, and includes all programming and networking socials. Register today before prices go up April 14th!