New Sessions Added to Open Source 101

We’re excited to announce a few new sessions and topics have been added to the Open Source 101 lineup.

The reason was simple – we feel the topics added are extremely important to the target audience and add even more variety to an already world-class lineup. Every attendee should know something about these topics if at all possible.

Just a few of the topics/sessions added include:

  • An overview of The Linux Foundation – This is one of the most important organizations in open source today. Everyone working in open source should be familiar with what they do.
  • Blockchain for open source developers – Blockchain is becoming increasingly important and relevant, and open source developers should have a baseline understanding of it.
  • Vim Survival Guide – Read and edit files from the command line? If so learn more about basic topics and how to grow your skills.
  • Ansible – Want to make applications and systems easier to deploy? Learn more about this simple IT automation platform.
  • Open Source licenses: What can I do with that code? – A topic so important and misunderstood we’re offering two separate sessions on it.
  • A Short Tour of Linux Distributions – As Linux grows in popularity so do the distributions. Learn more about each of the major distros – what makes them unique and useful.