Open Source 101 Featured on Good Morning Columbia

Sergio Aparacio from Columbia Economic Development and Todd Lewis from Open Source 101 appeared this week on Good Morning Columbia, a leading morning show on Columbia’s ABC affiliate WOLO, to promote the upcoming conference and why open source is important.

As Sergio states, Columbia has a diverse and global technology community that wants to contribute to Open Source. That community is working to make an impact on the software we use everyday.

Sergio Aparacio and Columbia Economic Development recognize the importance of open source, the role it plays in today’s technology environment, and its economic development potential. Their support is why we are bringing the Open Source 101 Series to Columbia, SC.

A special thanks to host Tyler Ryan, Good Morning Columbia, and WOLO ABC are in order as well. Tyler does a great job of setting the segment up and he provided the opportunity itself. That alone is huge and one of many reasons he’s one of the best in the business. Good Morning Columbia and WOLO ABC have covered the Columbia community for years and are true friends.

To view the video, click here.