Open Source 101 Raleigh – Learn the Fundamentals Saturday, February 17

We’re thrilled to host the second Open Source 101 Raleigh on Saturday, February 17 at The McKimmon Center at NC State University. Nearly 700 registered in 2017, and we’re hoping for even more this year.

The purpose is simple – to provide an on-ramp for those new to open source (current professionals and students) and those simply needing a refresher on fundamental and foundational topics. We are providing the education and networking necessary to enable an attendee to contribute or consume open source and to provide a basic understanding of the “why” and “how”.

Content and programming for 2018 will be divided into 7 tracks following morning keynote talks. Each talk will feature a world-class speaker delivering a topic foundational to open source processes and technologies.

Topics and talks to be featured include:

For those new to open source

  • Intro to Open Source – what is it and how is it defined? What makes it “open”?
  • Why contribute to open source?
  • Open source community – why is it vital to open source success?
  • Open Source Licensing 101 – what, you mean the license matters?
  • FOSS it up, with women! – The need for more women in open source and technology in general
  • Accessibility, and why it’s so important to “open”
  • Five (5) steps organizations can take to become “open” – What is an “open” organization?
  • How “Open” Are You? Test Your Open Source IQ

For those interested in open source “process”

  • Preparing for Your First FOSS contribution
  • Don’t Go It Alone: Recruiting Contributors
  • Making the Jump from Contributor to Community Manager
  • Getting to done on the open source command line
  • Servant Leadership in Open Source
  • Documentation is the Secret Weapon
  • Crafting an Open Source Product Strategy
  • Forking or Branching: Lessons from the MySQL Community
  • Testing 101
  • Open Source Performance Testing with JMeter
  • Getting Started with Static Website Generators

For those interested in case studies and demos

  • An Open Source Story: Open Containers and Open Communities
  • Building and Executing an Open Source Policy in a Fortune 20 Health Care Company
  • Mainframe isn’t dead: how Open Mainframe Project is enabling the next gen of enterprise computing
  • Room Detective: A real-world IoT Javascript solution at Disney
  • Snapcraft: Auto-build and publish software for any Linux system or device
  • Open Source Breakthroughs in the Proprietary World of Life Sciences

For those interested in emerging topics and technologies

  • Introduction to Mind Machine Interfacing using Brain Activity(EEG) and Raspberry Pi
  • A DevOps State of Mind: Continuous Security for Containers
  • Real-world, open source, end-to-end JavaScript in IoT
  • Kubernetes 101 + An Overview and Update on the Kubernetes Certification Program and the Kubernetes
  • Conformance Workgroup
  • The role of intelligent sensors
  • Raspberry Pi with Serverless on the Side
  • Blockchain 101
  • Building Location Aware Apps with Open Source Tools
  • Open Source Tools to Automate Your DevOps Pipeline

For those interested in technology and technology platforms

  • An Introduction to Git & GitHub
  • Advanced Git
  • Open Source in the Clouds: The open source technologies used in cloud computing
  • Messaging at Scale with Open Source: The tools
  • To Delivery And Beyond: Adventures in Continuous Delivery & Open Source Tools
  • Jenkins 2 – Coding Continous Delivery Pipelines
  • ChatOps 101 – What is it and why do I need it to thrive in an open source world?
  • Choosing the Right Open Source Database
  • An Introduction to the Swift Programming Language
  • Jack of Trades, Development with Vue: VueJS
  • Introduction to ReactJS
  • Javascript XSS Vulenerabilities: The most common way developers exploit themselves
  • Avoiding the DevOps pit of misery: Tips from the trenches

Registration Check-in on Saturday the 17th will open at 8:00 am and programming will begin at 9:30 sharp. Programming is scheduled to end at 4:45 pm with final announcements and giveaways wrapping up at 5:00.

Registration is now open and tickets are just $29 for professionals and $10 for students. Lunch is included.