How “Open” Are You? Test Your Open Source IQ

Open source is not new, but in this age of big data, its impact in the enterprise cannot be ignored. During this fast-paced, interactive session, Tamara Dull of SAS Best Practices will take you on a journey through today’s open source landscape and test your open source ‘smarts’ along the way.

We’ll warm up by defining a few “open [fill-in-the-blank]” terms. We’ll then tackle some questions like:

  • Open source software is free, but how much does it cost?
  • How does open source technologies compare to commercial software?
  • What’s driving this increased interest in open source software?

This session is designed for the ‘non-geeks,’ or those data-savvy business professionals who want to understand this vast open source ecosystem better. So if you’re ready to have a little fun and test your open source wits against fellow attendees, come join us. We may even have prizes.