An Open Source Story: Open Containers and Open Communities

Container technology, originating wholly within the Linux open source movement, has taken the cloud technology world by storm for a number of years. A small startup, Docker, open sourced a new developer-friendly twist on this somewhat complicated Linux technology and kicked off an era of startups, vendors, and enterprises all vying for a position in what appears to be a hot sector for the foreseeable future.

So, how has the “open source” side of containers fared? It’s been bumpy at times, but a number of course corrections have happened along the way to keep this vital software technology mainly open and unencumbered from one controlling entity or vendor. As usual, an open source story is not without its uglier side, and in this talk, we’ll look at the bumps and bruises that have caused some divisions, but we’ll highlight the cross-industry work and foundations that have been put in place to shepherd an open and collaborative model to ensure a level playing field for all parties from enterprises to independent software developers.