The Commitment to Keep Open Source 101 Accessible and Affordable

When attendees and partners purchase a ticket or decide to sponsor Open Source 101 they are helping us keep a commitment we made more than a decade ago – to keep our events affordable and accessible and to involve traditionally underrepresented individuals and organizations.

Despite logistical and planning costs steadily increasing over the last decade we’ve bucked industry trends and have continued to keep registration costs steady, and in the case of 101, even dropped them. We’ve almost gone in the opposite direction.

But why?

It’s simple really..

We continue to believe there are many, many individuals that want to learn about open source and use it’s inherent opportunity to better their lives and the lives of others, and at the same time, most of these same individuals simply cannot afford to pay registration costs of hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Put even more simply, we firmly believe a world-class conference (and the associated education/networking experience) and accessibility shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

So, what does this mean for attendees of Open Source 101?

  • Attendees are guaranteed to see world-class content and speakers without taking out a loan. Some of the top technologists in the world participate. 
  • Attendees are guaranteed a conference experience unlike most others.  They’ll meet people they wouldn’t otherwise meet, which we feel is incredibly valuable. The vibe is different, the conversations are different.
  • Attendees will meet many underrepresented organizations and learn about volunteer, mentorship and other assistance opportunities.  Groups like Women Who Code will have exhibit tables and meeting with anyone interested.


But it’s only possible when people purchase tickets or support the event through sponsorship or partnership.

We’ve deliberately kept prices low – $10 for students and $29 for non-students – so that nearly everyone with an interest can help out and make the event possible.

Prices are so low in fact that we run the risk of undermining our own credibility with those not familiar with our events (how could any event of value be priced that low?), but that’s ok with us. Once someone attends the first time they soon “get it” and it all makes sense.

We sincerely thank everyone that purchases a ticket or partners with us in some other way. It’s often hyperbole but this time it’s absolutely true – without you, it wouldn’t be possible.