The v 1.0 schedule has now officially been released and we hope everyone, regardless of background or reason for attending, will find value in multiple sessions. 

The 2019 layout will focus on 7 broad tracks featuring topics and talks we feel are especially applicable in today’s business and technology environments.  The 7 tracks include:

  • Developer 1&2
  • Cloud/Big Data
  • Security
  • Emerging/Trending
  • Case Study/Demo
  • Contributing To/Consuming Open Source

Sessions to be featured include:


  • Web Native – Web components, PWA, WebAssembly, hardware APIs
  • Improving software testing by testing what really matters
  • NodeJS crash course
  • Taming styles of Python programming 
  • How to undo almost anything with Git (an extended session on intro / intermediate Git and GitHub) – presented by GitHub
  • Advanced Git (45 minute session)
  • Jenkins 2: Coding Continuous Pipelines
  • Complexity Management with NgRx (Angular)
  • Using GatsbyJS to Supercharge Your Static Sites
  • VueJS

Cloud/Big Data

  • Where Did All My Servers Go? (serverless computing)
  • The Path to Transformation with Hybrid Cloud
  • Big Data Made Easy with Spark (extended session, to allow hands-on learning and exposure)


  • Application Security Basics
  • Bringing a nifi to a Gun Fight (nifi: an open source utility developed by the NSA)
  • Security Best Practices:  From entry level technologist to expert 
  • Container Security

Case Study / Demo

  • Building Real-Time Search at Mailchimp
  • Open Source at Twitter (presented by Remy DeCausemaker, the head of open source @ Twitter)
  • Making a Career out of Open Source
  • MySQL 8.0 New Features
  • Security Onion: Open source intrusion detection, enterprise security monitoring, anf log management


  • Service Mesh in a Nutshell
  • Leveraging Tensorflow with Solr and Spark for smarter search and discovery
  • Building Practical Blockchain Applications in the Enterprise
  • Istio: An open platform providing a uniform way to connect, manage, and secure microservices

Consuming / Contributing To Open Source

  • Introduction to Open Source Licensing
  • Effective Documentation for Open Source Products
  • FOSS Governance: The good, the bad, and the ugly
  • How to Keep Developers Happy and Lawyers Calm
  • Anatomy of an Open Source Project