Schedule Overview

The 2019 schedule has now officially been released and we hope everyone, regardless of background or reason for attending, will find value in multiple sessions and events.

The 2019 layout will focus on 7 broad tracks featuring topics and talks we feel are especially applicable in today’s business and technology environments. The 7 tracks include:

Developer 1&2
Cloud/Big Data
Case Study/Demo
Contributing To/Consuming Open Source

Sessions to be featured include:


  • Web Native Development
  • Improving software testing by testing what really matters
  • Node.js crash course
  • Taming styles of Python programming
  • Complexity Management with NgRx (Angular)
  • Building Performant Web Apps
  • How to undo almost anything with Git (an extended session on intro / intermediate Git and GitHub) – presented by GitHub
  • Advanced Git: Functionality and Features (45 minute session)
  • Jenkins 2: Coding Continuous Pipelines
  • Using GatsbyJS to Supercharge Your Static Sites
  • Expectations Versus Reality When Implementing VueJS

Cloud/Big Data

  • Where Did All My Servers Go? (serverless computing)
  • The Path to Transformation with Hybrid Cloud
  • Big Data Made Easy with Spark (extended session, to allow hands-on learning and exposure)
  • Deployment Design Patterns – Deploying Machine Learning and Deep Learning Models into Production
  • Multi-cluster metrics collection with Prometheus

Security / Hybrid

  • Application Security Basics
  • Bringing a nifi to a Gun Fight (nifi: an open source utility developed by the NSA)
  • Security Lessons Learned from Student to CEO
  • Security Onion: Open source intrusion detection, enterprise security monitoring, anf log management
  • Linux, the most loved platform for development – your guide to getting started
  • Microservices at Scale with Kubernetes

Case Study / Demo

  • Building Real-Time Search at Mailchimp
  • Open Source at Twitter (presented by Remy DeCausemaker, the head of open source @ Twitter)
  • Making a Career out of Open Source
  • MySQL 8.0 New Features
  • Going Serverless with Azure Functions: Microsoft’s Open Source Serverless Framework
  • Lessons From Bringing Change to 34% of the Web (WordPress)
  • It’s Storytime – How a Library Got into the Software Business


  • Service Mesh in a Nutshell
  • Leveraging Tensorflow with Solr and Spark for smarter search and discovery
  • Building Practical Blockchain Applications in the Enterprise
  • Istio: An open platform providing a uniform way to connect, manage, and secure microservices
  • Healthcare – SMART on FHIR (HealthCare OpenSource is here!!!)
  • What is up with dapps (decentralized applications)?

Consuming/Contributing To Open Source

  • Anotomy of an Open Source Project: What you must know
  • Making Your First Open Source Contribution
  • Effective Documentation for Open Source Products
  • FOSS Governance: The good, the bad, and the ugly
  • How to Keep Developers Happy and Lawyers Calm (when contributing to/consuming open source)
  • Anatomy of an Open Source Project