C-Levels and IT managers MUST understand Open Source

We’ve been hosting open source events for a long time and we’ve noticed something… 

While open source consumption and contribution have increased dramatically across the board many decision makers still lack fundamental knowledge around the topic.  That’s not intended as an attack mind you.  It’s simply an observation based on hundreds of events and conversations.  

While this might not seem like an issue, we believe it becomes one when you consider the following:

  • Open source now comprises 80-90% of the code in a typical application (Forrester Research)
  • Open source is now present in IT workloads in 90% of organizations (Annual Open Source Survey)
  • Sixty-six precent (66%) of companies surveyed now contribute to open source projects (Annual Open Source Survey)

Sessions and speakers at Open Source 101 have been strategically chosen to provide baseline education for CTOs, CIOs, CEOs, and IT managers of all types on topics vital to ensuring safe and effective consumption and contribution.

Just a few of the sessions to be featured on the Contributing / Consuming track will include:

Registration for Open Source 101 is now open and is just $49 through April 5.  Registration includes all programming, lunch and networking socials.