2021 Event Overview | A full day of world-class sessions and speakers

Open Source 101 2021 will take place Tuesday, March 30, and we invite everyone in our community to register and spread the word!

This will be the 8th 101 event we’ve hosted over the last 5 years and we continue to do it because of one belief – a firm grasp of open source basics are a necessity in today’s modern technology environment. Simply out, without them entry into the field and career progress can be thwarted.

The Details 

What: Open Source 101 2021
When: Tuesday, March 30
Time: Programming runs from 10:00 am ET to 5:00 pm ET
Format: Morning 15 minute keynote talks followed by 45 and 90 minute sessions across 7 tracks

Session Topics

While the full schedule will be announced/released Tuesday, February 23, just a few of the sessions and topics to be featured include:


  • The Many Ways to Contribute to Open Source + Best Practices and Examples
  • Open Sourcing an Internal Tool: Strategy, process, best practices and considerations
  • Open Source Licensing: Types, Strategies and Processes
  • Building a technical documentation static site for open source projects
  • Open Source Governance 101
  • Open Source Community Engagement Best Practices and Health Checks
  • Accessibility Best Practices and Must-Do’s
  • Being an Open Source Project Maintainer: Strategy and best practices
  • Innersource 101
  • Open Source Governance 101
  • My first pull request
  • Machine Learning Open Source Tool Stacks: Current and best options
  • The “Perfect” JS Library Tooling
  • Automating Developer Things with GitHub Actions
  • A starters guide to building APIs with Javascript
  • The Changing Landscape of Open Source Databases
  • Go With the (OAuth) Flow
  • Kubernetes – A Beginners & Intermediate Guide
  • An Introduction to MySQL Indexes & Histograms
  • Improve your git commits in two easy steps
  • Linux 101



While the full speaker list will be released Tuesday, February 23 just a few of the speakers to be featured include:

Jeff Atwood – Coding Horror and co-founder of Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network

Ben Ilegbodu – Principal Frontend Engineer, Stitch Fix

Nuritzi Sanchez – Sr. Open Source Program Manager, GitLab

VM Vicky Brasseur – Award-winning free/open source advocate and corporate strategist, international keynote speaker, and writer


Wambua Zacharia Muindi – Lead Mapper, Map Kiberia

Guy Martin – Executive Director, OASIS Open

Tom Wilson – CEO and Founder, Hyper63

Brian Douglas – Developer Advocate, GitHub


Thanks to our amazing Presenting level sponsors, registration to Open Source 101 2021 is absolutely FREE and includes all programming and networking opportunities.