How Prize Winners Will Be Chosen

As we announced about a month ago, attendees of Open Source 101 on March 30 will accumulate points while on the site based on activity. It’s our way of (hopefully) adding a bit of excitement and fun.

We’re also making some really nice prizes available to those accumulating the most points.

Here’s how we’ll award those prizes…

In short, certain actions will be worth points when taken on the 6Connex site, and those points will accumulate and be tallied on a Leaderboard. The Leaderboard will be visible throughout the conference so those interested can keep track.

At the end of the event – at 4:45 pm ET or so, we’ll stop the Leaderboard and identify everyone with at least 1500 points. Each finisher with at least 1500 points will then be assigned a number based on where they finished (#1 will be assigned the number 1, etc.). A random number generator will then be used to identify the top 20 from this group. The top 8 finishers will receive the technology prizes available (System76 Lemur Pro, Lenovo Chromebook S330 Laptop, Acer Chromebook Spin 330, HHKB Hybrid and Razer Black Widow Elite mechanical keyboards, and Raspberry Pi Desktop Kits) and the remaining 12 will receive an All Things Open t-shirt and hat package. Winners will be notified no later than Wednesday, March 31.

Here is a post and a document providing more information:

Initial blog post announcing the prizes and game
The Leaderboard pdf document

Contact the ATO / Open Source 101 team with questions at, and good luck!


A friendly ATO / OS101 reminder: In line with our Code of Conduct, we only encourage and reward attendees who follow the intent of the rules of play. We kindly ask that everyone respect the rules and spirit of OS101 and not attempt to “hack” the system.