It’s All About Community – Community Track Overview

The Community track is made possible by the amazing team at Elastic


We’ve talked to a lot of people about open source and open source projects over the years, and there is near unanimous consensus on one point.

Community and community health are vitally important.

So, it stands to reason the Community track is always one of the most popular at All Things Open, and why we feature it prominently at Open Source 101.

This year’s community topics, sessions and speakers will again be fantastic, and most importantly, will deliver education and networking attendees can directly benefit from.

The Community track will feature the following sessions and speakers:


10 Commandments of Community Organizing

Jennifer Wadella, Bitovi



Communication Hacks: Strategies for fostering collaboration and dealing with conflict in open source

Nuritzi Sanchez, GitLab



How to market your open source project

Ben Nuttall, BBC News Labs



Neither Rogues nor Saints: Ethics in Open Source

Robert Hodges, Altinity, Inc.



Community Building Best Practices: Creating Successful and Sustainable Open Source Communities

Kaitlyn Barnard, Kong