Keynote Talk Recordings Now Available!

We felt the keynote block was spectacular this year, and we’re thrilled to announce talk recordings are now available!

Each of the four speakers featured brought a unique background and set of experiences with them, which was reflected in the content delivered. Talk topics were also high level and widely applicable to everyone in attendance, which we both appreciated and loved.

Check out each talk below to watch again or for the first time. In addition, know hundreds of open source talks can be found on the same YouTube channel these are found on.


How to Take Your Open Source Project from Good to Great

Yuraima Estevez, The New York Times

Watch the recording here


Hidden Infrastructure: The Foundations of Open Source 

Joshua Simmons, Tidelift

Watch the recording here 


10 Commandments of Community Organizing (15 Minute Keynote Version)

Jennier Wadella, Bitovi

Watch the recording here 


The Role of Catastrophic Failure in Software Design 

Jeff Atwood, Coding Horror/Discourse

Watch the recording here