Erin Curtis excels in creating innovative content and live event experiences, while building dynamic teams ready to offer creative solutions in increasingly fast-paced environments. Erin has directed live interactive broadcast programs, produced short and long form video content, and crafted boundary-testing events across the globe with the mission to never do what is already being done [i.e. what’s the point?] and to lead projects forward with a results-oriented approached [can we get to work, now?]. Ever the internal operations warrior, Erin has successfully scaled small businesses and public-sector organizations.

Erin graduated from the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in Media Arts and promptly joined the Peace Corps, teaching ESL and Youth Development courses in Kazakhstan. Equal parts off-the-grid globe trotter and tech enthusiast, Erin enjoys mounting and installing TVs and sound systems while never being home to enjoy them. Currently, she is the Operations Director + HR + IT + Event Wrangler + sometimes useful Marketing collab partner @ Soda City.