Roger is a seasoned IT professional who currently works as a full-stack PHP Developer and Linux System Administrator for Container Graphics Corporation. He spends his days writing code at a standing desk and works exclusively in Linux. Previously, he worked for a media company for 15 years as a regional Digital Operations Director.

Roger is an advocate for, and a strong believer in open source. Before the days of the Internet, Roger was involved with Shareware (on floppies), and source code sharing on BBS networks. He worked on Unix systems in his college days. He was first exposed to Linux via a Sharp Zaurus, a PDA with a Linux OS. After a friend showed him how to turn the PDA into a file server, he was hooked on Linux.

Roger lives with his wife and a very hyper Border Collie in the middle of the woods on a lake in central North Carolina. When he is not at a computer he enjoys writing music and performing on trombone or guitar.