Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Innovation Officer.

“By educating and empowering the development team, and the whole company, we can create a funnel that drives ideas and concepts into the Innovation Center to become future products and services of TRHC”

The JRS IC will have three areas of focus: Labs, Programs and Training. In the Labs, new concepts and technologies will be evaluated and measured to identify potential future directions for healthcare technology. Programs will include Hackathons, the first of which is scheduled for July 20-22 in Charleston, SC, as well as other internal and external offerings now in the planning stage. Training will focus on helping current and future developers stay up-to-date and proficient on the latest technology. The first such training, scheduled to start September 19, is The Jack Russell Software Coding School Boot Camp, a 12-week immersive program focused on teaching aspiring developers JavaScript web technology for both frontend and backend skills

Previously: VP of Software Development for Tabula Rasa Healthcare and President of Jack Russell Software a division of Tabula Rasa Healthcare

I am also passionate about teaching all groups to learn to code, I feel learning to code is a valued skill whether you plan to create applications for your profession or just seeking a better understanding of todays technical world. I have given talks at National Conferences like All Things Open and Regional Conferences like POSSCON and Local Conferences in Charleston, I have been running a local CoderDojo helping kids learn to code since 2013.