Wendy Wells has spent the last 20 years creating systematic change by leading the way for digital learning in K-20 education, the business arena, and governmental agencies. As a worldwide corporate trainer for Apple, Wendy has taught, coached, and facilitated many educators and administrative leaders on effective technology integration to improve teaching and student learning. She is an edupreneur, innovator and strategist who understands the education market and the need to create hardware, software and learning platforms to serve teachers and students worldwide that create a future roadmap for success.

WendyWells.info-As an expert in the educational field, Wendy creates and executes strategic plans for Educational Technology companies on their “Go-to-market” initiatives and builds connections to guide her customers into the industry.

Elevate Digital Learning, LLC, a professional services company that provides

Professional Development with a 3-step business to business model (Apple, Google, Microsoft, SMART, Interactive Flat Panels, certification programs)

iExplorers Quest, LLC-provides services around STEM by hosting STEM camps (summer, after school), by developing curriculum content and by organizing community STEM events

Connect with Wendy on social media @thewendywells or [email protected]