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Take the Open Source Survey by April 26 | Get the report and enter to win $500

April 2, 2019

Take the survey now For the first time ever the team at Open Source South Carolina / Open Source 101 is conducting a brief survey of our community.  We kindly request everyone take 2-3 minutes and complete the 2019 Open Source Survey.  Deadline for completion is Friday, April 26.   The purpose is simple – to […]

C-Levels and IT managers MUST understand Open Source

March 29, 2019

We’ve been hosting open source events for a long time and we’ve noticed something…  While open source consumption and contribution have increased dramatically across the board many decision makers still lack fundamental knowledge around the topic.  That’s not intended as an attack mind you.  It’s simply an observation based on hundreds of events and conversations. […]

Women Tech Influencers to Speak at Open Source 101

We’re proud to announce multiple women tech influencers will speak at the conference this year on April 18.   Each represents organizations from all across the technology and government spectrum, and each shares a passion for bringing more women into technology and open source.   Women participating in this year’s event include: Tracy Lee – Co-founder, This Dot […]

We Need Volunteers! Call for volunteers now open

March 26, 2019

Every year approximately 500 attend and enjoy Open Source 101. And every year, the event would not be possible without our amazing volunteers. As we have in the past, we’re asking everyone with a willingness and desire to help to volunteer for a 4 hour shift. In exchange you’ll get the following: A free pass […]

Open Source 101 T-shirts Available to the First 150 Attendees!

e encourage everyone this year to arrive early and check-in or register to avoid lines and missing keynotes. However, attendees now have an additional incentive. Open Source 101 t-shirts! For the first time ever we’re making a t-shirt available for Open Source 101. And more than that, we’re making two (2) versions available. The first […]

World-Class Developer Content at Open Source 101

March 19, 2019

If you’re a developer of any kind – professional, student, or anywhere in between – Open Source 101 will feature world-content you’re sure to learn and get a lot of value from. In 2018 approximately 34% of attendees self-identified as a “developer / programmer” and we’ve structured sessions in 2019 accordingly. Two separate “developer” tracks […]

Suggested Sessions for Students

March 18, 2019

For more than 10 years now we’ve structured events with technology students in mind. And moreover, it was one of the primary reasons we started the Open Source 101 series in the first place. Why did we do this? For a few reasons… Students are the “technologists of tomorrow” and need to be as prepared […]

Keeping Open Source 101 Accessible and Affordable

March 12, 2019

For more than 12 years now, keeping our events affordable and accessible has been a priority, and we’re proud the tradition continues all these years later. After all, how can you expect new people to enter the industry and contribute to/consume open source if only a handful of people can afford to attend events? Events […]

2019 Scholarships and Discounts

February 27, 2019

We’re happy to once again offer scholarships and discounted registration to select groups of attendees at Open Source 101 in 2019.   In our opinion it’s important to do everything possible to ensure attendance for groups that might otherwise have a difficult time attending, for whatever reason.  A diverse group of attendees makes the event a […]

Schedule Overview

The 2019 schedule has now officially been released and we hope everyone, regardless of background or reason for attending, will find value in multiple sessions and events. The 2019 layout will focus on 7 broad tracks featuring topics and talks we feel are especially applicable in today’s business and technology environments. The 7 tracks include: […]