Open Source 101 profiled on SCETV’s SC Business Review

The Open Source 101 conference was recently promoted statewide on SCETV’s well-known and highly respected South Carolina Business Review.  

Sergio Aparicio, the City of Columbia’s Economic Business Development Manager, appeared on the show and discussed not only the upcoming conference taking place Thursday, April 18 in downtown Columbia, but the growth and importance of open source software in general.  The segment was well received and well done.

Sergio was interviewed by SC Business Review host Mike Switzer, who once again proved himself the best and most knowledgeable business host in the state.  

The show, titled “The Increasing Value of Knowing About Open Source Software”, can be heard here.  

For questions about SC Business Review contact Mike Switzer directly.  For questions regarding Columbia’s economic development efforts and their focus on technology, contact Sergio Aparicio.