Open Source 101 Recordings Now Live!

The 2021 Open Source 101 conference took place two weeks ago – on Tuesday, March 30, and it was fantastic! Nearly 1,350 registered from all over the world – the most ever.

And good news! Recordings from all 40+ talks that were featured are now live on our YouTube channel. In addition, we’ve listed each recording below by track to make finding what you’re looking for a little easier.


Keynote Talks

How to Take Your Open Source Project from Good to Great – Yuraima Estevez, The New York Times
Hidden Infrastructure: The Foundations of Open Source – Joshua Simmons, Tidelift
10 Commandments of Community Organizing – Jennifer Wadella, Bitovi
The Role of Catastrophic Failure in Software Design – Jeff Atwood, Coding Horror


Technologies 1

A Starters Guide to Building APIs with Javascript – Tom Wilson, hyper63
The “Perfect” Library Tooling – Ben Ilegbodu, Stitch Fix
Getting Traction with GitHub Actions (Extended 90 minute Session) – Brian Douglas, GitHub
Adding Scripting to your Application – Matthew Burke, Capital One


Technologies 2

The Changing Landscape of Open Source Databases – Peter Zaitsev, Percona
Containerization For Software Developers – Joel Lord, Red Hat
An Introduction to Kubernetes – Brad Topol, IBM
Orchestrating Kubernetes: Helm and Kustomize – Brent Laster, SAS
An Introduction to MySQL Indexes & Histograms – David Stokes, Oracle



Practical Security for Web Applications (Extended 90 minute Session) – Chris Holland, TriNet
Open Source Machine Learning Toolkit – Jigyasa Grover, Twitter
Linux 101 – Justin Reock, Perforce Software
Open Source Gives you the Edge – Rob Montalvo, DataCrunch Lab



Open Source 101 – Jim Jagielski, Uber
Open Source & Open Standards: Partners in Innovation – Guy Martin, OASIS Open
Accessible Forms: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think – Maria Lamardo, Pendo
Just Enough Open Source: A Kick start on security, license compliance and business models (Extended 90 minute session) – Jeff Luszcz, PEAK6



My First Pull Request – Kivanc Yazan, Indeed
Building a Technical Documentation Static Site for Open Source Projects – Wisdom Nwokocha, Savics
I Found the Thing and Would Love to Contribute…Now What?! – Tracy Holmes, HashiCorp
Open (Source of Fear) – Henry Zhu, Babel
Improve Your Git Commits in Two Easy Steps – Rose Judge, VMware



Building a Machine Learning Company Around an Open Source Project – Insights into Strategy, Culture and Process – Milos Rusic, deepset
How do Open Source Companies Make Money? – Alessio Fanelli, 645 Ventures
Entering the Open Source Emerging Market – VM Brasseur, Corporate Open Source Strategist
Software Engineering with InnerSource 101 – Danese Cooper, Nearform & Jacob Green,
Open Source Governance 101 – Nell Shamrell-Harrington, Microsoft



10 Commandments of Community Organizing (extended 45 minute version) – Jennifer Wadella, Bitovi
Communication Hacks: Strategies for fostering collaboration and dealing with conflict in open source – Nuritzi Sanchez, GitLab Inc.
How to Market Your Open Source Project – Ben Nuttall, BBC News Lab
Neither Rogues nor Saints: Ethics in Open Source – Robert Hodges, Altinity, Inc.
Community Building Best Practices: Creating Successful and Sustainable Open Source Communities – Kaitlyn Barnard, Kong


Case Study/Demo/Projects

Participatory Mapping For Open Counties – Wambua Zacharia Muindi, Map Kiberia *note, this talk was cut off – we’re working on it*
Open Source C++ Libraries for Robotics – Louise Poubel, Open Robotics
Stop Sharing Kube Configs – Jonathon Canada, Teleport
Open Source strikes back: K8ssandra and the clouds – Patrick McFadin, DataStax
Digital Equity for All Students Through Open Source – Stu Keroff, Aspen Academy