Polling Results from Open Source 101 at Home 2020

We utilized a new feature on the Hopin platform during Open Source 101 at Home and posed multiple polling questions to attendees during the conference.

The purpose? We wanted to understand our audience a little better and also better understand what’s going on around the world, since the geographic distribution was significant among those that registered (36 U.S. states and 40 countries were represented). The results, which you can see below, were really interesting.

Takeaways were many, but what stood out most to us was that attendees at this event were more experienced and more familiar with open source processes than attendees have been at past 101’s, which is a good thing. We hope our work is paying off in some small way.

Poll Questions:

Have you worked in an environment with an open source governance policy?
19.3% I’m not sure
42.8% No
37.9% Yes


Estimate the number of years you have contributed to or hosted open source projects.
21.5% 10+
5.1% 7-9
5.4% 5-6
10.1% 3-4
19.3% 1-2
38.6% 0

Do you have a GitHub account?
8.2% No
91.8% Yes

Are you familiar with open source licenses?
22.9% Very familiar
65.4% Somewhat familiar
11.7% Not at all

Have you ever open sourced a project or product?
56.4% No
43.6% Yes

Have you ever integrated open source code into a project?
18.2% No
81.8% Yes

How many open source projects have you contributed to during your career?
11.9% 10+
7.1% 6-9
48.1% 1-5
32.9% 0

Have you ever contributed to or hosted an open source project?
41.9% No
58.1% Yes