Presenting Sponsors Making FREE Registration Possible

Anyone that has attended an All Things Open or Open Source 101 event in the past knows we are never shy about thanking sponsors and partners. We believe in giving credit and praise where it is due.

After all, the support of these individuals, companies and organizations makes what we do possible, and by extension, the education and networking that has started and propelled so many careers.

This year, these great companies are Presenting level sponsors of Open Source 101 and are making FREE registration possible for all attendees. We couldn’t be more grateful.


We encourage everyone to show your support before, during and after the conference by saying “thanks!”, and we further encourage you to stop by their virtual exhibit booths during the event March 30. Say hello, see what they’re about, and thank them for supporting the open source community.

While we’ll say it many more times privately leading up to OS101 2021, we’d like to take this opportunity to very publicly thank these fantastic people and organizations.

THANK YOU from the entire team at All Things Open!