Session: A Starters Guide to Building APIs with Javascript

APIs (Application Program Interfaces) is how programs can talk with other programs and is a design consideration for many products. Let’s discuss: Why you should build an application with an API? What are the top 5 requirements of designing an API with examples? Some open-source javascript frameworks that can help you design and build your API.

In order to get the most out of this talk, you should have a good understanding of http REST protocol and general application development. Familiarity with javascript and technologies like NodeJS and Express would be a plus.

In this talk, you should come away with a good understanding of why you should consider building an API in your application, key good practices every API should include, and how you could implement an API using Javascript.

Session Speakers:

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is the CEO and Founder of hyper63, LLC a company focused on developer happiness. Tom Wilson has been in technology for 25+ years and have lead teams over the years to build several enter [Read More]