Session: Anatomy of an Open Source Project

Before you can contribute to and consume open source effectively, a firm understanding of the pieces and parts that comprise an open source project is required. This session will identify and discuss the components and related processes of a modern-day project, including choosing and posting your project to a platform (GitHub), structuring the READ ME file, licensing, contributor agreements and processes, choosing a technology architecture, community, and yes, even marketing. Jim Salter, creator of the popular Sanoid project (1.3+k stars on GitHub) will lead the session and leverage his more than 20 years of experience as a professional system administrator to deliver value to attendees. Jim is also currently a technology reporter at Ars Technica.

Attendee Take-Aways:

  1. A better understanding of why and how open source projects are created
  2. An understanding of the basic components of a modern-day project
  3. Helpful tips and best practices in the context of starting a project
  4. Contextual information for those who might want to contribute to a project

Target audience:

  1. Anyone looking to start an open source project
  2. Anyone who might want to contribute to a project

Session Speakers:

Jim Salter

Jim is a voracious open source advocate, technologist and author with more than twenty years of professional FOSS experience. Jim writes daily for Ars Technica, and is the author, maintainer, and p [Read More]