Session: Anyone can build the metaverse – so let’s build it together!

“Metaverse” is a new buzzword, but at the core of the hype is technology that has existed for decades. Rather than approaching “the metaverse” as a singular, futuristic entity, this talk will break down the practical elements of the concepts of what people mean when they talk about the “metaverse”, and explore different open source projects that support the development of metaverse applications. This talk will leave attendees with a better understanding of the fuzzy concept that is the “metaverse”, a path to get started with open source technologies to build 3D applications, and insight into the challenges and opportunity that the space offers in connecting us in new ways.

Session Speakers:

Liv Erickson

Liv Erickson is the team lead for the open source Hubs project at Mozilla and a technical advisor to KaiXR. A “metaverse anarchist”, she believes in the power of virtual worlds to empow [Read More]

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