Session: Cloud Infrastructure Management and Security with Open Source Technology

Riot Games operates a sizable cloud computing footprint spread across numerous regions and accounts within AWS. To help manage and secure infrastructure assets across the globe, we utilizes many familiar open source technologies and associated projects to assist in the day-to-day operations to ensure that players across the globe have the best game experience that is both reliable and secure. This talk will cover a wide range of relevant topic areas such as: leveraging Git as the “source of truth” for Infrastructure as Code (IaC); Identity and Access Management (IAM) through tooling; creating secure base machine images compute nodes; CI/CD tools and processes; container security scanning; Kubernetes cluster conformance evaluation and compliance; account security using open source exploitation frameworks and pen-testing tools, etc

Session Speakers:

Hugh Campbell

I am a twenty year systems and software engineering professional currently working for Riot Games on the Information Security team as a senior engineer securing all things Kubernetes/Cloud Native a [Read More]

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