Session: Containers in Depth – Understanding how containers work to better work with containers

Containers are all the rage these days – from Docker to Kubernetes and everywhere in-between. But to get the most out of them it can be helpful to understand how containers are constructed, how they depend and interact with the operating system, and what the differences and interactions are between layers, images, and containers. Join R&D Director, Brent Laster as he does a quick, visual overview of how containers work and how applications such as Docker work with them.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What containers are and the benefits they provide
  • How containers are constructed
  • The differences between layers, images, and containers
  • What does immutability really mean
  • The core Linux functionalities that containers are based on
  • How containers reuse code
  • The differences between containers and VMs
  • What Docker really does
  • The Open Container Initiative
  • A good analogy for understanding all of this

Session Speakers:

Brent Laster

Brent Laster is a global trainer, author, and speaker on open-source technologies, as well as an R&D DevOps director at SAS. He is also the founder and president of Tech Skills Transformations, [Read More]

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