Session: Graduating from Docker to Kubernetes

Container-based development is now firmly a staple in development workflows, including new developers. But what’s the next step? Developers need to understand how to deploy their applications into production, and kubernetes is the de-facto system for managing containers in production environments. It isn’t as daunting as it seems, and in fact, we are moving closer and closer to even using kubernetes directly in our development workflow.

Let’s cut through the fog of war and walk through the journey of containers-to-kubernetes (locally!) with the concepts and open-source tools that make it possible.

Concepts: my-app.localhost, multi-container networking, load balancing (ingress).

Tools: 1. docker (moby), 2. docker-compose, 3. kompose, 4. kubectl, and 5. helm.

Bonus Tools (as time allows): Lens, Rancher Desktop, Kubecost

Session Speakers:

Colin Griffin

Colin Griffin is a software architect with developer and operator experience as primary focuses. He founded Krumware in 2016 with the goal of enabling companies to build better environments for the [Read More]

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