Session: How to 2FA-enable Open Source Applications (Extended Session)

Your organization loves open source tools like WordPress, SuiteCRM, NextCloud, RocketChat, and OnlyOffice… but most of these tools are protected with plain old passwords. You want to use two-factor authentication… but how? In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Which 2FA technologies can be used without paying a license;
  • How to enable users to enroll and delete 2FA credentials;
  • How to configure open source applications to act as a federated relying party–delegating authentication to a central service
  • How custom applications can act as a federated relying party

Session Speakers:

Mike Schwartz

Residing in Austin, TX, Mike is a domain expert on digital authentication and application security. He is the founder of Gluu, an open source software vendor whose platform is used in over 60 count [Read More]