Session: I Found the Thing and Would Love to Contribute…Now What?!

Contributing to an open source project can be a very intimidating experience, but there are many ways to help out without having the “World’s Best Developer” trophy on your mantle! In this session, we will cover many different ways for contributing, as well as tips and examples of best practices to ensure your contribution will be accepted. From finding the right issues, understanding labels, community guidelines, to making my first pull request, I roughed through the trenches (in the snow, uphill both ways) to understand how to do this so you don’t navigate it alone. I would be honored if you accepted this pull request – let’s discuss the process of contributing so you’ll be on your way to making yours!

Session Speakers:

Tracy Holmes

A “jackie of all trades” (and mistress of being herself), Tracy has experienced both sides of HashiCorp’s Terraform – as a Software Engineer and now a Developer Advocate. When s [Read More]