Session: Improve Your Git Commits in Two Easy Steps

Committing code and opening pull requests is a standard workflow in open source, but, have you ever stopped to consider the quality and importance of your commit messages? If you discovered a bug in your code that was a year old, would your git commit messages be useful to you? Can you easily back port new commits to older stable releases? Do your commit messages contain the right information? If you answered no or you’re unsure, this talk is for you. While the act of writing git commits may seem trivial and straightforward, the majority of open source projects and the developers who work on them tend to overlook this step in the development process. Whether you are an experienced open source contributor or are just getting started, this talk will provide actionable steps you can put in to practice right now to improve your git commits (and why you should!). After attending this talk, participants will be able to more confidently organize and write git commits that have the ability to improve the health and longevity of any project they interact with.

Session Speakers:

Rose Judge

Rose is an Open Source Engineer at VMware where she co-maintains Tern, an Open Source container inspection tool written in Python that creates a Software Bill of Materials for a given container. As [Read More]