Session: Leverage super powers of OpenZiti by embedding zero trust directly into your application

Applications are the new edge and zero trust is the security industry’s latest hot buzzword. The OpenZiti open-source project is a one-stop shop for building zero trust solutions directly into your applications for the greatest security, transparency and user experience. It provides not only a full overlay network but also clients for all major desktop/mobile operating systems along with numerous SDKs.

In this session you will:

  • learn some core tenants of zero trust environments – incl. how we can close all inbound ports to stop external network attacks such as CVE/zero day exploits such as Log4Shell
  • discover you app’s origin story and how you can give it super powers
  • come away with an understanding of the OpenZiti toolset for embedding zero trust directly into applications

Session Speakers:

Clint Dovholuk

Clint Dovholuk, Zero Trust Advocate and Senior Director Software Engineering, NetFoundry, has spent over 20 years developing applications at the forefront of connectivity. Prior to NetFoundry, Clin [Read More]

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