Session: On Growth: Tips to Grow a Healthy open Source Community.

The success of an Open Source community depends on how healthy the Community is. Hence, It is important when building the right community should be the topmost priority of any open-source organization. It helps achieve a healthy community where the members have equal inclusion.

We often think of a successful open source project as one that just tackles a challenge for the public. This perception has driven several open source project owners to start innovative open source projects without any plans on how to manage the community behind this project. In the end, increasing the number of dormant open source projects already existing. A successful open source project is one that is built on the collaborative effort of a healthy community. A properly coordinated community can plan and build projects and unanimously work together to ensure sustainable project performance. The responsibility of achieving a successful open source community does not rest on the community managers or the program managers alone but also on the whole community. During this session, I will be sharing;

  • How you can accept and implement feedback from members
  • Improve the onboarding process for your new Contributors
  • The importance of community first approach in Open Source Community and a lot more.

Session Speakers:

Atinuke Kayode

Atinuke Kayode is a Python developer, a technical writer and an open-source lover.

She is a Community Manager at Layer5 and also a Technical coordinator at She Code Africa. She learnt throug [Read More]

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