Session: Open Source Gives you the Edge

In spite of all the benefits the cloud provides, there are still a few use cases where complete reliance on the cloud may not be adequate, or desired. One of the latest trends in computing, termed “edge computing”, refers to moving the processing of data closer to where it originates. Edge computing reduces latency, improves the user experience and enables businesses to gain better business agility. In this talk, Rob will provide a survey of different alternatives from open-source software foundations (Eclipse, Apache, Linux) which can be leveraged to implement robust, secure, scalable, and business-friendly solutions. Rob will also share his thought process in deciding which technologies DataCrunch Lab looked into to implement a Condition-Based Maintenance prototype for the Department of the US Navy.

Session Speakers:

Rob Montalvo

Rob Montalvo is the co-founder & President of DataCrunch Lab, LLC. He has been helping teams and organizations transform data into value across many industries including IT, financial, retail, [Read More]