Session: Open Source Standards: Towards a more diverse and equal internet

This is a talk about open source, and everything you need to be proud of your repository.

In this talk I argue that by using open standards, an open source project improves its quality and shareability, since such standards exist to foster better communication between creators and consumers of the project. Most importantly, open standards guide technology development by gently enforcing space for diversity and equity.

If you share my admiration for standards, optimistic that this common agreement is capable of making the world a little bit better; if you want to improve your messy project no one understands to make it more shareable; or if you just want to show off how cool you are because you have the most compliant repositories, this talk is for you.

Session Speakers:

Paloma Andrade de Oliveira

Wholehearted explorer, software engineer, art curator and artist critically thinking code as a powerful creative tool to reshape our present and future, and preserve human access to democracy, acce [Read More]