Session: Quality over Quantity; Best Practices for an Effective Open Source Contribution

When you struggle through your first contribution, there’s an excitement that comes from a “”greener than grass”” Github contribution graph. It is easy to get carried away trying to meet your target number of contributions that you fail to focus enough on quality. How often should you contribute to open source? Frequently. However, you should prioritize making valuable contributions.

During this session, we’ll discuss Quality Over Quantity. You’d learn:

  • How to create a strategic approach for your contributions
  • What to watch out for and consider while contributing.
  • Tips for maintaining the quality of your contributions.
  • Quality and quantity: striking a balance

Session Speakers:

Ruth Ikegah

Ruth Ikegah is Developer, GitHub Star, Open-Source Advocate and Mentor. She is passionate about building sustainable tech communities, especially in the Open-Source space.

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