Session: The OSS Maturity Model: Is the Project Ready for You?

Open source projects are often driven by the need to scratch a software itch. But while innovative, exciting and available, they may not be ready for prime-time, especially in your applications. You should consider the long term impact of using just any project in your code or environment. That’s where tools such as maturity models can help you understand the risk/reward of projects, from different dimensions like stability, activity and support.

However since the first widely viewed OSS maturity models appeared back in 2002, you can imagine there are now a lot of them. So what are the mature elements of such models, and how can you safely understand and align projects to your needs?

Come find out what you need to know when looking at OSS projects for your applications and environments.

Session Speakers:

Dave McAllister

Dave McAllister is the NGINX Senior OSS Technical Evangelist focused on promoting the advantages of open source innovation, adoption and involvement,, especially for today’s fast-moving cycle [Read More]

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