Session: Understanding Open Source Supply-Chain Security

Supply Chain Security: so hot right now. With the recently increased focus on securing software systems, there has been a incredible explosion of tools, methodologies, standards, best practices, and more. Given the sheer quantity, it’s hard to keep track and stay informed: how can you know what’s right for you?

The same attributes that make open source software desirable to use also make it challenging to secure. When anyone can publish an open-source library, how can you decide what’s safe to use? If anyone can contribute, how can you trust the maintainers? If source code and development is in public, how can we identify and respond to vulnerabilities when attackers will know about them as soon as we do?

In this talk, we’ll explore new tools and best practices that you can use today as open-source software user to improve the security of your software supply chain and trust in the ecosystem. We’ll show how each of these serves a different purpose, and protects you from a unique way in which your software supply chain could be vulnerable. Finally, we’ll discuss upcoming and potential improvements to the entire open-source ecosystem.

Session Speakers:

Dustin Ingram

I’m a software engineer on Google’s Open Source Security Team, where I work on improving the security of open-source software that Google & the rest of the world relies on. I’m al [Read More]

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