Session: Writing Commits for You, Your Friends, and Your Future Self

For many developers, a Git commit is just a step in their source control ritual: an arbitrary save point at the end of a work day, the Nth attempt at finding the right syntax for a CI workflow, or a satisfying bookend to fixing a bug. But commits provide far more than that: they tell the story of how each line of code was created and modified. Despite their unassuming nature, they are one of the best ways to answer the question “why did I write that?”

The story told by a repository’s commit history is both richer and more essential in the open source world. Well-structured commits can guide you in the implementation of a new feature, break down complex reviews into easily-digestible increments, and provide an invaluable resource to future contributors hoping to extend functionality or find the root cause of a bug.

This talk will show how high-quality commit organization can benefit you now and in the future. First, we will introduce strategies and tools to tell a clear story through commits. Later, we will demonstrate how to use an informative commit history while reviewing code and investigating bugs.

Session Speakers:

Victoria Dye

Victoria is a software developer at GitHub, currently based in Southern California. She is an active contributor to the open-source Git project as well as its downstream forks Git for Windows and m [Read More]

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