Session: WTF is GitOps & Why Should You Care?

If you’re interested in learning more about Cloud Native Computing or are already in the Kubernetes community you may have heard the term GitOps. It’s become a bit of a buzzword, but it’s so much more! The benefits of GitOps are real – they bring you security, reliability, velocity and more! And the project that started it all was Flux – a CNCF Incubating project developed and later donated by Weaveworks (the GitOps company who coined the term).

Pinky will share from personal experience why GitOps has been an essential part of achieving a best-in-class delivery and platform team. Pinky will give a brief overview of definitions, CNCF-based principles, and Flux’s capabilities: multi-tenancy, multi-cluster, (multi-everything!), for apps and infra, and more.

Pinky will cover a little of Flux’s microservices architecture and how the various components deliver this robust, secure, and trusted open source solution. Through the components of the Flux project, users today are enjoying compatibility with Helm, Jenkins, Terraform, Prometheus, and more as well as with cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

Join us for this informative session and get all of your GitOps questions answered by an end user in the community!

Session Speakers:

Priyanka Ravi

Priyanka (aka “Pinky”) is a Developer Experience Engineer at Weaveworks. She has worked on a multitude of topics including front end development, UI automation for testing and API development. [Read More]

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